Nursery Essentials: Stroller wishlist

nursery essentials strollers wishlist
the glitter guide

When you have a baby there is off course no need to be restricted to the nursery. From time to time you will want to take your baby out for a nice stroll if only to check that indeed there are still other grown-ups inhabiting this planet.

We all now that if you’re out on the town you need a trendy ride to cruise around with. Not only does it need to look good, a stroller also needs to be practical. My sister told me that she never knew how many pavement obstructions there were until she became a mummy. And let’s not forget that the last thing you want to do in an underground parking is struggle with an unyielding stroller.

So let me introduce you to my favorite strollers that not only look good but scored high on my test drive (although I have to confess I never made it out of the showroom).

nursery essentials strollers wishlist

1. Bugaboo Cameleon // 2. Joolz day // 3. Stokke Xplory // 4. Binque daily

So is one of these strollers your babies ride? And more importantly do you recommend it to other mummies? Let me know!


King for a day: happy fathers day

My husband still has to wait a bit longer to celebrate his first fathers day but to all daddies (especially my own): happy fathers day!

Studio Mode

I thought I scavenge some dream interiors for all you men out there. Bold dark colors, artistic cheeky prints en lots of leather, isn’t this what you all secretly dream off? Or is that just a cliche? To all my male readers, be free to let me know!

Le Fashion


Lisa Cummings


Nursery essentials: Changing table wishlist

nursery essentials: nursing table wishlist on carriecanblog.com

One of the things you be doing multiple times a day as a new parent (as we will soon experience) is diaper changing. So, apart from your crib, the most essential piece of furniture in the nursery is a changing table. Off course you can opt for just putting a changing pad onto an existing chests of drawers but there are also some wonderful designed changing tables out there.

My selection contains the more traditional changing table set up, one that is perfect for small spaces and a very versatile changing trunk. So which one is perfect for your baby’s nursery?

nursery essentials: nursing table wishlist on carriecanblog.com

1. Kili changing table from Sebra // 2. Nifty change table from Ubabub // 3. Nathi from ByBo Design// 4. Changing trunk from Kalon Studios

PS: Be sure to also read the nursery crib and wallpaper wishlist. And you can find even more baby inspiration on my pinterest board!


Paper Trail: DIY washi tape wall art

There is something truly magical about paper. As a graphic designer with a love for paper I’m always keeping an eye out for interesting tutorials and products. In Paper Trail I share some of my favorite projects that I find on my daily browses on the net.

papertrail - DIY washi tape wallart on carriecanblog.com

Last week I caught the washi tape bug, this new addiction means that I got quite a few rolls of this Japanese paper tape sitting on my desk. And although they’re pretty enough on display, it’s much more fun to actually put them to use.

I consulted my good friend Google on how to proceed and was simply overwhelmed by the quantity of washi tape tutorials. So I decided to narrow down my search and looked how I could spice up my interior. And here is my selection of the the coolest wall art DIY’s using masking tape.

Bedhead decoration
papertrail - DIY washi tape wallart on carriecanblog.com

This is a quick and simple way to add some color to your bedroom. Just tape off your bedhead with a brightly colored masking tape and add a favorite artwork or illustration as an extra touch.

Photo frames
papertrail - DIY washi tape wallart on carriecanblog.com

Instead of framing your photos the old fashioned way, just stick them up on your wall and frame them with washi tape. Works best if you make a nice composition and combine simple with a bit more complicated frames.

Wall decal
papertrail - DIY washi tape wallart on carriecanblog.com

Make your own wall decall with washi tape. When using masking tape to put illustrations on your wall it’s best to keep it simple and geometric. That’s why I love the window outlines used here.

Well, I hope you enjoy my selection of DIY washi tape wall art. Now it’s your turn to get crafty and do please share the efforts of your work with me!

PS: Check out the previous Papertrail: Paper garland tutorials
PS 2: Do you know of any other great paper products or tutorials? Then please do support my paper addiction and leave a comment!


Nursery Essentials: Wallpaper wishlist

nursery essentials  – wallpaper – carriecanblog.com
Ferm Living

Ok, so maybe wallpaper isn’t necessarily a nursery essential but I really need to decide on this so I can set the color scheme for the rest of the decoration. Although looking at the four wallpaper designs that made the shortlist, I do seem a reoccurring tint. And I guess it won’t be hard for you to guess what we’re having πŸ˜‰

Me and my husband don’t really want a kids only wallpaper since we think we might grow bored quite quickly with a more illustrative wallpaper. So the selection is more graphic and abstract. Please help a stressed mummy-to-be make up her mind and let me know which one is your favorite!

nursery essentials  – wallpaper – carriecanblog.com

1. Harlequin from Ferm Living // 2. Ibiza from Eijjfinger // 3. Squarestripe from Roomblush// 4. Charm from Eijffinger

PS: you can read the crib wishlist over here or find more baby inspiration on my pinterest board


It’s the little things that count: Kitchen counters

Perfection lies in details.

Little things – Kitchen details on carriecanblog.com

In this edition of ‘the little things’ we look into little compositions that spruce up your kitchen. Do you have some lovely ceramics or great product packaging that’s too nice to throw away? Make a little arrangement on your kitchen counter. The great thing is that you can change your little display once and a while. So take a look in your kitchen cabinets and take out the utensils and food packaging that are too well designed to be stashed away. Show them off with pride!

Little things – Kitchen details on carriecanblog.com

Little things – Kitchen details on carriecanblog.com

Photos: 1. Boligcious // 2. Deas og mia // 3. From Scandinavia with love

Looking for more ‘little things’ inspiration? Why not read this blog post. Or try this one.


Nursery Essentials: Crib wishlist

So if you read this post then you now we have a little wonder under way. This is my first pregnancy and apart from the stuffy noses and tiredness I’m loving it. There is no way to describe the bliss I experience when I feel our baby kicking…

nursery essentials - cribs on www.carrriecanblog.com

Apart from receiving a little miracle there is another great bonus to having a baby. Doing up a nursery! There is so many great baby furniture and decoration out there that it’sΒ  hard to choose. And I’m sure I’m not the only mother feeling this way. That’s why I decided to make some nursery wishlists summing up some of the best baby stuff out there.

First up is cribs. I have to admit, this is a tough cookie to crack. Apart from looking smart it’s off course essential that your baby loves his/hers little bed because he/her will be spending most of his/hers time in there. I’m particularly in favor of cribs that can be converted to junior beds, that way if you spend a bit more money on a great designed baby cot, at least you know it’s going to last a while πŸ˜‰

So here’s my selection. We pretty much made our mind up on which one we’re buying but I would love to hear your opinion!

nursery essentials - cribs wishlist on www.carriecanblog.com

1. Stokke Sleepi Mini // 2. Leander bed // 3. Sebra crib // 4. Oeuf Sparrow crib

PS: you can find more baby inspiration on my pinterest board


Free Easter printable: Egg & box DIY


Easter is just around the corner so it’s the ideal time to get crafty.

And is there something that feels more like Easter than painting eggs? But if, like me, you don’t have the patience you had as a kid to hand paint the afternoon away then may I introduce you to my Easter printable? Ideal to spruce up your boring brown eggs.


Materials needed:
– free A4 Easter printable
– eggs
– egg carton
– needle
– scissors
– spray paint
– cake pop sticks
– spray adhesive and glue
– large piece of styrofoam

Make one small hole at the top & one slightly bigger hole at the bottom of the eggs with the needle. Blow out the contents. I find it works best if you first puncture the egg yolk with a tooth pick. (Treat yourself to a yummy omelet once you’ve done crafting.)


Place each egg on a cake pop stick (or any other stick you might have lying around) and stick into the piece of styrofoam (you could also use a more environmentally friendly alternative, I just used styrofoam because I had some lying around). Spray paint the eggs making sure they are entirely coated. I used gold spray paint but off course you can use any colour you want. Let dry.


Cut out pieces on the printable. Carefully remove any paper wrapping that might be glued to the egg carton. Attach the gift box wrapper to the carton using spray adhesive. That’s one piece done already!

Roll the half circles up to create cones and glue. For the bunny ears, just glue the ends together.


Decorate your eggs with bunny ears & party heads. Sit back & admire your handy work!


Paper trail: DIY paper garlands

There is something truly magical about paper. I mean just the fact you can transform something flat and even a tad boring into for instance a book you can’t wait to pick up and read or into a wonderful three dimensional piece of decoration.

As a graphic designer with a love for paper I’m always keeping an eye out for interesting paper tutorials and products. That’s why I decided to share in Paper Trail some of my favorite projects involving paper that I find on my daily browses on the net.

Paper trail – DIY paper garland tutorial – carriecanblog

And today I thought I’d start off with some wonderful paper garland DIY’s. Ideal for a birthday party, as decoration for your upcoming wedding or to just simple hang in your living room to celebrate the arrival of spring.

Festive garland by Design Love Fest
Get out your sewing machine and check out this colorful festive garland. This simple tutorial comes with easy to follow step by step instructions. Ideal if you have some colored paper lying around.

Paper trail – DIY paper garlands – carriecanblog

Tissue Wisteria garland by Land of Nod
This tutorial will take some more time but after seeing this lovely delicate flower garland, I don’t think you mind. I always loved the delicacy of tissue paper and transforming it into flowers always works so well.

Paper trail – DIY paper garland tutorial – carriecanblog

Paper net garland by Oh Happy Day
I’m sure that as a kid you enjoyed many an afternoon cutting out garlands from paper. Well it’s time to bring out your scissors again and try your hand at this more grown up DIY net garland.

Paper trail – DIY paper garland tutorial – carriecanblog

Well, I hope you enjoy my selection of paper garland tutorials. Now it’s time to DIY and do please share the efforts of your work with me!

PS: Do you know of any other great paper products or tutorials? Then please do support my paper addiction and let me know!