With a little help from Georgette


I’ve been taking sewing classes for a few years now which automatically means that all my friends think I make my own clothes. Uh no. The honest truth is that –  even tough I have a sewing machine – I almost never sew at home (procrastination is my middle name). If I don’t take classes, I just don’t seem to find the time to make anything.

But then my good friend Ruth started the ever so lovely online fabric store Georgette. So under the pretense of finally having a reason of doing something outside of school hours I stocked up on fabric. I managed to make some baby gifts and then kinda ignored the fact that I had this great fabric lying around. Until yesterday that was! I finally sat down and made something for myself. Okay it’s only a cushion but I have to start somewhere.

Fabric: On Point Minty – Cloud 9

If you’re in the need for fabric, definitely check out Georgette. Great fabric and patterns and what’s even better everything is organic. And the real thing, everything is GOTS certified. (Just to warn you peeps, the site is only in Dutch I’m afraid)


It’s getting hot in here

We heart it

With temperatures reaching a whopping 36 degrees today, all I can think of is taking a refreshing dip in the luscious sea. Instead I’m cooped up behind my computer designing – oh the irony – Christmas cards.

I fell a prison break coming on however, so let’s get that beach bag packed!


1. Beach towel – Hema // 2. Portobello Shopper – French Connection // 3. Seaview Halterneck Swimsuit – Seafolly // 4. Calypso Umbrella – Basil Bangs // 5. Ecran Prodigieux Sunscreen – Nuxe


Sunshine in the air


After what seemed like an eternal winter, sunshine is making his happy entrance. On days like this I just feel like lounging on my terrace, sipping on a home made ice-tea (or even better a cocktail), reading a magazine and generally just hanging around. Why don’t you join me on these virtual patio’s?

côté maison



We can do it!

Today is International Women’s Day. To be honest in my head every day is Women’s day,. Unfortunately reality is still running behind and how much we like to think that nowadays women are equal, the ugly truth is that we’re still not. But I am confident we’re getting there, one baby step at a time…

Anyhow, I think on this Women’s day I’m going to treat all my female readers to a virtual bouquet of flowers and some lovely photos from some lovely real ladies. Let’s all forget about women’s magazines and advertising for a while…

Ilax studio

The Nifty Fifties

New York Magazine


Give it to me baby!

Hurray, it’s December 22 and we’re still here! I think this deserves a celebration!

So hereby I declare the “Thank god we’re still alive give-away!” officially open!

So what can you win? Well a 2013 wall calendar designed by yours truly (much more  accurate than the Maya one) AND a super secret surprise (You’ll have to win to find out 😉 )

And more importantly how do you win? Well it’s very simple, just like our Facebook page and share the giveaway Facebook post on your timeline before December 31.

Good luck!


Design hide-outs: Otaduy

Design hide-outs is a new series of posts featuring a variation of very stylish places to hang out.

One of the most thrilling, and at the same time scaring, things for a bride-to-be is choosing THE dress. Thrilling because this is the one time in your life (well at least in mine) that you will try on dresses this expensive, scaring because you don’t want to end up with some over the top Swarovski beady creation (once again this might be me only).

My first fitting was a very long and taxing ordeal. I think I tried on about a zillion dresses and was about to give up, before my mom and sister accidentally spotted my dream dress.

A long story to say that, if you’re in need of a wedding dress you better go to a store with a) a wide variety of beautiful dresses to pick from and b) a comfy and stylish interior because you’re bound to spend some hours there (and so are your mom, siblings and/or best friend).

Recently I came across a store who fits the above requirements. Otaduy, a stylish wedding brand with the most wonderful store in Barcelona. Flowy dresses hanging from branches, logs as display tables and a Swedish inspired design really makes this place stand out.

Photos  by Ana Madrid

Makes me want to pop open a bottle of champagne and try on some dresses…