Time for something new

Fresh year fresh start. This year I decided to try to simplify my (work) life. That’s why I decided to focus on the basics. What does this mean for the blog? Well from now on I’ll start blogging in my mother language Dutch. I’m very sorry for all you English reading fans out there, off course you can always use Google translate to still follow the blog.


Baby Bunny Ears: Quick & dirty Easter DIY

Easter DIY – Baby bunny ears – free printable

I’m sure I don’t have to tell you that it’s Easter this Sunday, you’re probably much more prepared then me (‘Easter, this weekend? are you sure?’). My babygirl spending her very first Easter without a bit of handmade love? No way! So I recycled last years Easter egg tutorial and made the bunny ears baby sized! Let me share this quick and easy DIY tutorial with you:

1. Download the free printable here. Print on 180g (or heavier) photo paper.

2. Cut out the ears with scissors or a cutter knife & ruler (I used both, the cutter for the straight parts and the scissors for the ears)

Easter DIY – Baby bunny ears – free printable

3. Glue the 2 pieces together, make sure to test the size on your baby’s head first!

Easter DIY – Baby bunny ears – free printable

4. Put on baby, hope she/he doesn’t destroy it instantly.

I told you that it was a quick and dirty DIY! Ideal for new mommy’s! But if you want some more, check out my Easter Egg tutorial


Wonderful designed window film – Siluett Frost

Let me start off to say that I’m a great fan of window film, I think almost all our windows received this treatment. They let through the light better than curtains and you can apply them either halfway or on the entire window.

Before I always bought my film on the cheap, either online or in our local hardware store.

But for Merel’s bedroom I went on an online search for some qualitative and, very importantly, great designed window film. Nothing but the best for my little girl! That’s how I came across Swedish Design Studio SiluettFrost.

I’m a big fan of the Graphite window film, the detail is just stunning.

But to be honest this design is a bit more mom’s cup of tea… So should I go with the very cute Daydreaming window film which of course is ideal for kids?

Or maybe Lov which features birds since my daughter’s name is Dutch for blackbird?

So which one would you chose? Or do you now some great alternatives to make me doubt even more? I would love to know!


King for a day: happy fathers day

My husband still has to wait a bit longer to celebrate his first fathers day but to all daddies (especially my own): happy fathers day!

Studio Mode

I thought I scavenge some dream interiors for all you men out there. Bold dark colors, artistic cheeky prints en lots of leather, isn’t this what you all secretly dream off? Or is that just a cliche? To all my male readers, be free to let me know!

Le Fashion


Lisa Cummings


Hohoho! Carrie Can Xmas cards

I don’t know about you but to me Christmas still seems far away. Well actually seemed because I just checked my calendar and in truth there are only 4 weeks left!


So better start stocking up on the essentials to avoid that last minute shopping rush! And what is already essential at this time, I hear you think? Well Christmas cards off course! And what do you know my little online store has a lot of cute designs in offer. Convenient isn’t it 😉

So hop on over and take your pick!


I heart… Hay copper hangers

Last weekend I went to visit the new Hay flagship store in Antwerp. I was secretly hoping to indulge in one of my design crushes.

Make it Copenhagen

I’m a bit of a metallic addict and not that long ago, after a long withstanding love with gold, I discovered copper. I already invested in a lamp shade but wanted to add Hay’s copper hanger set to my collection. Well turns out that the objects of my desire aren’t made any more… And although the twisted hangers that took their place also have a copper version, I preferred the simple wire ones… So in the end out I ended up not buying anything… I know, first world problems…

Bijzonder Mooi



1 year Carrie Can


Altough the blog has been around for quite a while, my online shop is reaching quite a milestone. This month it’s been open for 1 year so I think this deserves a celebration!

And what’s a party without presents? To celebrate I’m giving away an emergency card set. To win simply like our facebook page and publicly share this facebook post on your timeline before 4 Nov. But that’s not all with the code 1YEAR you get 10% discount* in the shop & with every order you’ll get a surprise gift*

*elegible for all orders placed before 4 Nov


My fairytale wedding


When our 1st wedding anniversary came along it tought it would be a nice present for both my hubby and myself to get our wedding posted on a great blog. Well it took a bit longer but I’m so happy to got featured on Beyond & Beyond!

I’ll give you already a sneak peak and you can see much more over here. I hope you enjoy it as much as we did…