We can do it!

Today is International Women’s Day. To be honest in my head every day is Women’s day,. Unfortunately reality is still running behind and how much we like to think that nowadays women are equal, the ugly truth is that we’re still not. But I am confident we’re getting there, one baby step at a time…

Anyhow, I think on this Women’s day I’m going to treat all my female readers to a virtual bouquet of flowers and some lovely photos from some lovely real ladies. Let’s all forget about women’s magazines and advertising for a while…

Ilax studio

The Nifty Fifties

New York Magazine


Yes, we’re open!

Well, I have some exciting news! I’ve been long dabbling with the idea of starting my own creative business. Since I love my day job, my plans were never big but I just thought it would be nice to work on a project that is completely mine (instead of having it taken over by client’s ideas and views).

So these past few months I’ve been very busy and with some pride, I can announce that the Carrie Can Etsy shop is now online! We have some lovely cards and posters on sale, so I would much appreciate it, I’ve you have a peek and maybe even promote my little shop a bit to family and friends…

I’m really so happy!

PS: Do you want to know a funny thing? Just a few posts ago I said that I’m not that into pastels (for interiors) and now it just hit me, that almost all my prints have pastel colours! lol I’m such a schizophrenic!


Guess who’s back baby

After committing a virtual suicide (7 months, yikes!) I decided it was more than time to come back.

Although I enjoyed the time off (playing for instance bridezilla for a while), I was starting to feel a bit restless. I took me some time to realize that spending all my evenings pinning probably meant that I was steadily working myself up to get back together with my first love: blogging.

So here we are again, back to the old but with a spanking new site and domain name! I hope you can forgive me my blogging hiatus and I will see you all back soon to check out more of the the improved Carrie Can. Because I can assure you, there is lots of good stuff coming up!

Skona hem

PS: don’t forget to change your bookmarks or reading lists to the new URL!


Best of Carrie Can

As you might or might not know from my previous post, I decided to put blogging on hold for a while. I need this time to rethink both the blog and my place inside the world wide web. I however realise how annoying the wait must be for you readers. That is why when I read yellowtrace’s latest post I had an Eureka feeling. Just like me Dana is taking a little break, but instead of not posting she is doing a recap of her posts from this year. What a wonderful idea! So I decided to do a recap of some of mine and yours favourite posts of the last years of Carrie Can. I hope you’ll enjoy…

And today to start of with, I choose one of my fav modern wisdoms.

Inspire me

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What’s going on

Hello my lovelies,

You might have noticed that blogging has been very slow, well basically non existent at the moment.

It’s been an eventful past few months (see previous post) which lead to rethink my life a little. One of the things that came up was how blogging fitted in my life. I was even wondering if it should have a place at all anymore. But then I thought I liked it too much to give up, and if I liked it that much I should maybe take it up to the next level.

So that’s why over the next few weeks I’m going to think this all true, how I can make this blog even better, definitely a redesign and maybe even trying my hand at a little web shop.

I apologize beforehand for the wait, I hope it will be worth it, both for you and me.

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