Pass the Chalk: Chalkboard Interior Walls

Chalkboard Interior Walls - Carrie Can Blog
Dimples and Tangles

Apparently, or so the radio informs me, today is Teacher Appreciation Day in Belgium. A bit of a bummer for all teachers that it’s a Sunday but I’m sure tomorrow a lot of kids will make up for it.

This might be a bit old school – no pun intended – but one of the first things that comes to my mind when you say school is chalkboards. This is one of those moments when I realize how old I am. I’m not even sure if blackboards are still used much in schools, it’s probably all computer screens these days. Anyhow, I always thought they were quite magical. One moment they were heavenly blank, the next moment they were filled with words, numbers and sketches. And off course chalkboards should not be confined to school boundaries, since they work so great in interiors. Don’t you just love the following examples?

Chalkboard Interior Walls - Carrie Can Blog
Smile and Wave

Chalkboard Interior Walls - Carrie Can Blog
Bungalow 5

Chalkboard Interior Walls - Carrie Can Blog


Squeaky clean white bathrooms

squeaky clean white bathroom - carriecanblog
No Glitter, No Glory

Having a 3 month old baby means that a lot of stuff you used to take for granted becomes a rare luxury. Sleep, how I miss you! Another treat I’ve been missing out on? Showers. Let me first say that this doesn’t mean I never wash myself (although I do admit I sometimes skip a few days). It however does mean that long hot showers are a thing form the past, nowadays it’s more a 5 minute ‘get in, lather up and get out’ kinda setup.

And it also means our bathroom isn’t as squeaky clean as it used to be (time is another luxury item at the moment). Ah well, on the bright side this might be very beneficiary for the planet since we’re definitely saving up on water lately. Although this might be compensated by the machine loads of dirty laundry covered in baby puke.

So excuse me while I stare at these beautiful white bathrooms and try to remember what my bathroom looks like clean.

squeaky clean white bathroom - carriecanblog

squeaky clean white bathroom - carriecanblog
Cote Maison

squeaky clean white bathroom - carriecanblog
Stil Inspiration


My bright graphic kitchen

Some of my Flemish readers might have already noticed that this month our kitchen got featured in interior magazine Feeling Wonen!


I’m so happy to be able to show off my bright kitchen with these great photos shot by the lovely Stefanie Faveere.


Because both my husband and me are graphic designers our kitchen came out very bold and graphic. It’s also the biggest colour statement in our apartment. Most of our walls are white to compensate for the not so high ceilings so we wanted to make the kitchen pop out. The cupboards are actually just standard Ikea. The doors on the other hand are made to order and spray painted. To make the colour not too dominating we hung white open shelves and kept the counter tops and kitchen hood white.


At first we wanted a Corian counter top but after seeing the price (small heart attack) we opted for composite granite. On the bonus side it’s also easier to clean, very durable and environmental friendly since it’s made out of leftover granite.


The tiles of the backsplash are a reissue of a pattern form the sixties (Kho Liang Le from Mosa) and are great fun because you can combine your own pattern.


Most of our kitchen appliances are from Smeg: oven, hood and – my pride and joy – fridge. The lamps are from Habitat.


What’s that you say? You want to see more of our apartment? Just keep an eye out for the next editions of Feeling Wonen, because there is plenty more coming. and don’t worry, you’ll see more on the blog too!


Bedtime stories

Lots of things going on in my world, a lot of exciting stuff, a bit of boring things, but one thing is sure: my days are filled to the brim. Which meant that a minute ago I just realized it has been a while since I’ve posted!

But no panic, here’s a bedroom themed post to accomodate your blogging cravings. (Bedrooms because I’m in serious need of some sleep…)

Design is mine


Wit & Delight


Do re mi

Do you want to know my husband’s not so secret wish? Having his very own piano.

I myself am a bit dubious about the prospect. You can’t exactly hide a piano so it would literally be a big design feature in our home.

Luckily we live in an apartment at the moment (piano inaccessible) so we can postpone the decision for the moment.

Do you own a piano? Do you love the sight of it or (this would so happen to me) do you mutter blasphemies whenever you accidentally bump into it ?

Looks like white




Sugar sweet hues

Even though I’m a girl, I’ve never been a fan of pastels, even for baby rooms. I’m much more a supporter of a bright colour palette. But I’ve seen more and more soft-hued photos floating around the internet lately which have a more electrical vibe. Actually I think these deserve the term of ice cream tones instead of pastels, sounds like much more fun!

Anna Weinrich


Charlotte Love

So what do you think? Pastel / ice cream colours: hot or not?