De mooiste DIY paaseieren

De mooiste paasdecoratie maak ik dit jaar lekker zelf!

Als kind vond ik niets zo leuk als me de hele paasvakantie te amuseren met eieren uitblazen en beschilderen. Tja, je kunt het wel raden, ik heb als resultaat toen ook wel redelijk wat omeletten moeten naar binnen werken 🙂

En 30 jaar later, ben ik wel klaar voor een nieuwe uitdaging! Want de volwassen versie van de paaseieren zien er prachtig uit, maar lijken me toch een tikkeltje moeilijker dan de waterverf exemplaren van mijn jeugd.

Hieronder een kleine visuele samenvatting van mijn paaseieren DIY to-do-list. Nog meer leuke paasprojecten vind je op mijn Pinterest bord.

Marble Easter Eggs

DIY foliage easter eggs

DIY marbled indigo easter eggs


PS: Zelf maakte ik vorig jaar ook een leuke doe-het-zelf paaseieren tutorial, bekijk mijn simpel DIY project zeker ook eens!


Free DIY tutorial: Advent calendar

free DIY tutorial advent christmas calendar

Oh my, I can’t believe it’s December again! Christmas 2014 will be a special one since it’s the first one for my baby girl Merel. I thought this deserved a proper countdown so this year I finally made my own Advent calender. I based the design on my new Gifts Christmas Cards which are available in my shop.

I thought I’d make this calender my very first Christmas gift to you, lovely blog readers, so I turned this project into a printable and DIY tutorial! Hurray!


What you’ll need:

• glossy A4 photo paper
• scissors
• eyelet puncher and gold eyelets
• 24 small glassine bags
• decorative rope
• kids wire coat hanger
• candy and small chocolates

First up download the free printable tags over here. Print them on the glossy photo paper and cut them out with your scissor.


Fill the glassine bags with the candy and chocolates. Fold the bag over, place the round tag on top and punch a hole through both with the eyelet puncher. Put the gold eyelet through the hole and fasten with the puncher.


Cut off 24 strands of rope of different sizes. Thread trough the eyelets.


Hang the packages on the coat hanger. spread them out evenly.


Tadaa, that’s it! Easy isn’t it?




Pass the Chalk: Chalkboard Interior Walls

Chalkboard Interior Walls - Carrie Can Blog
Dimples and Tangles

Apparently, or so the radio informs me, today is Teacher Appreciation Day in Belgium. A bit of a bummer for all teachers that it’s a Sunday but I’m sure tomorrow a lot of kids will make up for it.

This might be a bit old school – no pun intended – but one of the first things that comes to my mind when you say school is chalkboards. This is one of those moments when I realize how old I am. I’m not even sure if blackboards are still used much in schools, it’s probably all computer screens these days. Anyhow, I always thought they were quite magical. One moment they were heavenly blank, the next moment they were filled with words, numbers and sketches. And off course chalkboards should not be confined to school boundaries, since they work so great in interiors. Don’t you just love the following examples?

Chalkboard Interior Walls - Carrie Can Blog
Smile and Wave

Chalkboard Interior Walls - Carrie Can Blog
Bungalow 5

Chalkboard Interior Walls - Carrie Can Blog


About carnival, confetti and instant celebrations

It’s the last weekend before Lent, the run up to Easter, so this means we are due some Carnival celebrations. I don’t know if Carnival (or Carnaval as we call it) is still celebrated in a lot of countries beside Belgium but here it’s still very much a well kept tradition.

About carnival, confetti and instant celebrations - Read more on carriecanblog.com

And although my days of wearing princess costumes are long gone (my wedding not included), I still come together with my family to watch the parade. A very loud affair to be honest and probably a bit weird to watch if you haven’t grownup with it. But the one thing that always reminds me of Carnival is off course confetti, I love how tonnes of it swirl through the sky and give the streets an instant party atmosphere. And how afterwards for weeks to come you still find confetti everywhere. Something that annoys my grandmother endlessly but which always fills me with secret pleasure.

About carnival, confetti and instant celebrations - Read more on carriecanblog.com
I spy with my salad eyes

So what about you my dear reader? Do you celebrate carnival? Or are you just a confetti enthusiast like myself?

About carnival, confetti and instant celebrations - Read more on carriecanblog.com
Ylva Gronfold

PS: And if you are a confetti enthusiast, you might want to check out my confetti cards 😉


Last minute DIY Valentine gifts

So unless you’re literally snowed in without any contact to the outside world, you must know that it’s Valentine’s day this Friday. Maybe you’re a super organized person who already had her presents packed in November. But maybe you’re breaking out in cold sweat because you just can’t find that ultimate gift to show just how much you love your significant other. If the last is the case then don’t panic because what says I love you more than a handmade gift? Here is some last minute DIY Valentine gift inspiration.

last minute easy DIY Valentine gifts
Gemstone magnets by At home in love

last minute easy DIY Valentine gifts
Lemon raspberry pie crust hearts from Joy the Baker

last minute easy DIY Valentine gifts
Heart pillows by Design Love Fest

If you like these Valentine ideas then I have only one more thing to say to you: ready, steady, craft!


Love is in the air

Valentine - Love is in the air - Carrie Can

Just another week and it’s Valentine’s day. So do you have any plans yet? Or are you hoping to be surprised?

Me and the husband are going to be huddled on the couch with an over-sized bag of chips (for me) and an assortment of nuts (for him, the health freak) watching at least 4 episodes in a row of the third season of Game of Thrones. Sounds like a perfect night 😉

And if you still need a Valentine’s card then be sure to stop by the Carrie Can shop and pick yourself up a ‘Love is in the air’ balloon card!

Valentine - Love is in the air - Carrie Can
100 layer cake

Valentine - Love is in the air - Carrie Can
Balloon Time


Underneath the Christmas tree

Here at the Carrie Can office the Christmas tree is shining bright and is twinkling with all his might. (I does help off course when your office and home is one and the same place 😉 )

We went with the traditional green pine once again since I’m a very nostalgic kind of gal. But I did spot a few alternatives around the web so who knows for next year?


Minimal Christmas tree
I love the slick feel of this wooden tree. It does however need lots of presents to prevent it from become too simple. But hey, no objections there 😉

Floating Christmas tree
Looks like a pretty normal Christmas tree you say? Not until you spot that this one is actually quite magical…

Poster Christmas tree
Here’s another tree that you can use year after year. and it’s ideal if you don’t have that much space!

So what tree do you have? Or more importantly which one would you like to have next year?


Halloween Costume Roundup

halloween costume roundup – cariecanblog.com

Halloween is creeping up on us!

If you’re a procrastinator like me then you’ll probably just realised you’re way too late in finding that perfect costume. No fear, with a little hard work and little hours of sleep you’ll be able to whip out one of the following uber cool DIY costumes by Thursday.

Because let’s be honest who doesn’t want to dress up like a scrumptious piece of birthday cake?

First photo: DIY birthday cake costume by Studio DIY

Bjork Swann Dress by A Beautiful Messhalloween costume roundup – cariecanblog.com

Tinker Bell by Babble
halloween costume roundup – cariecanblog.com

And last but not least, a pirate dog costume for your furry friend:

halloween costume roundup – cariecanblog.com


World Animal Day

World Animal Day - via CarrieCan

Today is World Animal Day! So let’s celebrate with some carrot cake and a nice cold Bloody Mary!

I thought I’d share some of the cuddliest and cutest animals running and hopping around on this planet. Because nothing can make me feel happier than puppies and bunnies.


Excess of personality

Toves Sammensurium

If you haven’t had your cute overdose quite yet, you might want to check out my pinboard. for more super sweet animals.