De mooiste DIY paaseieren

De mooiste paasdecoratie maak ik dit jaar lekker zelf!

Als kind vond ik niets zo leuk als me de hele paasvakantie te amuseren met eieren uitblazen en beschilderen. Tja, je kunt het wel raden, ik heb als resultaat toen ook wel redelijk wat omeletten moeten naar binnen werken πŸ™‚

En 30 jaar later, ben ik wel klaar voor een nieuwe uitdaging! Want de volwassen versie van de paaseieren zien er prachtig uit, maar lijken me toch een tikkeltje moeilijker dan de waterverf exemplaren van mijn jeugd.

Hieronder een kleine visuele samenvatting van mijn paaseieren DIY to-do-list. Nog meer leuke paasprojecten vind je op mijn Pinterest bord.

Marble Easter Eggs

DIY foliage easter eggs

DIY marbled indigo easter eggs


PS: Zelf maakte ik vorig jaar ook een leuke doe-het-zelf paaseieren tutorial, bekijk mijn simpel DIY project zeker ook eens!


Baby Bunny Ears: Quick & dirty Easter DIY

Easter DIY – Baby bunny ears – free printable

I’m sure I don’t have to tell you that it’s Easter this Sunday, you’re probably much more prepared then me (‘Easter, this weekend? are you sure?’). My babygirl spending her very first Easter without a bit of handmade love? No way! So I recycled last years Easter egg tutorial and made the bunny ears baby sized! Let me share this quick and easy DIY tutorial with you:

1. Download the free printable here. Print on 180g (or heavier) photo paper.

2. Cut out the ears with scissors or a cutter knife & ruler (I used both, the cutter for the straight parts and the scissors for the ears)

Easter DIY – Baby bunny ears – free printable

3. Glue the 2 pieces together, make sure to test the size on your baby’s head first!

Easter DIY – Baby bunny ears – free printable

4. Put on baby, hope she/he doesn’t destroy it instantly.

I told you that it was a quick and dirty DIY! Ideal for new mommy’s! But if you want some more, check out my Easter Egg tutorial


Free Easter printable: Egg & box DIY


Easter is just around the corner so it’s the ideal time to get crafty.

And is there something that feels more like Easter than painting eggs? But if, like me, you don’t have the patience you had as a kid to hand paint the afternoon away then may I introduce you to my Easter printable? Ideal to spruce up your boring brown eggs.


Materials needed:
– free A4 Easter printable
– eggs
– egg carton
– needle
– scissors
– spray paint
– cake pop sticks
– spray adhesive and glue
– large piece of styrofoam

Make one small hole at the top & one slightly bigger hole at the bottom of the eggs with the needle. Blow out the contents. I find it works best if you first puncture the egg yolk with a tooth pick. (Treat yourself to a yummy omelet once you’ve done crafting.)


Place each egg on a cake pop stick (or any other stick you might have lying around) and stick into the piece of styrofoam (you could also use a more environmentally friendly alternative, I just used styrofoam because I had some lying around). Spray paint the eggs making sure they are entirely coated. I used gold spray paint but off course you can use any colour you want. Let dry.


Cut out pieces on the printable. Carefully remove any paper wrapping that might be glued to the egg carton. Attach the gift box wrapper to the carton using spray adhesive. That’s one piece done already!

Roll the half circles up to create cones and glue. For the bunny ears, just glue the ends together.


Decorate your eggs with bunny ears & party heads. Sit back & admire your handy work!


Last minute DIY Valentine gifts

So unless you’re literally snowed in without any contact to the outside world, you must know that it’s Valentine’s day this Friday. Maybe you’re a super organized person who already had her presents packed in November. But maybe you’re breaking out in cold sweat because you just can’t find that ultimate gift to show just how much you love your significant other. If the last is the case then don’t panic because what says I love you more than a handmade gift? Here is some last minute DIY Valentine gift inspiration.

last minute easy DIY Valentine gifts
Gemstone magnets by At home in love

last minute easy DIY Valentine gifts
Lemon raspberry pie crust hearts from Joy the Baker

last minute easy DIY Valentine gifts
Heart pillows by Design Love Fest

If you like these Valentine ideas then I have only one more thing to say to you: ready, steady, craft!


DIY: ball lamp

Some DIY tutorials just make you want to roll up your sleeves and get to it. And I’m sure you feel the same after one look at this great tutorial from 101 woonideΓ«en.

Just one drawback: it’s written in Dutch.

But no worries, I’ve been so kind to translate it for you! You’re more than welcome πŸ˜‰

β€’ about 18 wooden balls in 5 sizes: (between 40 and 70mm)
β€’ 1,5 m yellow electrical cord
β€’ halogen light bulb
β€’ white E27 socket
β€’Β water-based paint (matte finish)
β€’ spray paint

β€’ (Spray) paint the wooden ball. Determine a colour scheme in advance.
β€’ Spray paint the socket in a colour, let dry and assemble the cord.
β€’ Thread the ball on the cord, vary the sizes and colours.
β€’ Connect the lamp, here the cord runs through a screw hook in the ceiling. Turn the bulb into the socket.


Unwrap your present

Well since it’s almost Christmas and Christmas is all about giving, I decided to give you a little something for you to give away.

Confused? Simply put: I’ve designed some wrapping paper and gift tags that you can now download for free.

The pattern for the wallpaper is based on my 2013 wall calender and the gift tags feature fun little messages.

Perfect for all your gift wrapping!

Download here
Wrapping paper – White background
Wrapping paper – Orange background
Wrapping paper – Blue background
Gift tags


DIY: Door mat

Although instructions say that this is a holiday door mat, I think this bold graphic design can work throughout the whole year.

And even if you don’t share my opinion, it’s almost the holiday season anyway so get out that spray paint!

Full instructions over here.


DIY: Tape frames

Who hasn’t driven his parents crazy by drawing on the walls as a kid? Come on we’ve all done it (or at least contemplated it).

Now that we’re grown up, we all know better, but this DIY is tempting me once more to mess up my walls.

All you need is some nice photos and prints and some masking tape. The full instructions can be found here, but it all looks very self-explanatory to me…

So worth messing up your walls or not?


DIY: Taped door

We all know tape is cool but it doesn’t get any better than on this door! I don’t understand much of the blog post but I think it’s pretty self explanatory…