Baby Bunny Ears: Quick & dirty Easter DIY

Easter DIY – Baby bunny ears – free printable

I’m sure I don’t have to tell you that it’s Easter this Sunday, you’re probably much more prepared then me (‘Easter, this weekend? are you sure?’). My babygirl spending her very first Easter without a bit of handmade love? No way! So I recycled last years Easter egg tutorial and made the bunny ears baby sized! Let me share this quick and easy DIY tutorial with you:

1. Download the free printable here. Print on 180g (or heavier) photo paper.

2. Cut out the ears with scissors or a cutter knife & ruler (I used both, the cutter for the straight parts and the scissors for the ears)

Easter DIY – Baby bunny ears – free printable

3. Glue the 2 pieces together, make sure to test the size on your baby’s head first!

Easter DIY – Baby bunny ears – free printable

4. Put on baby, hope she/he doesn’t destroy it instantly.

I told you that it was a quick and dirty DIY! Ideal for new mommy’s! But if you want some more, check out my Easter Egg tutorial

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