Wonderful designed window film – Siluett Frost

Let me start off to say that I’m a great fan of window film, I think almost all our windows received this treatment. They let through the light better than curtains and you can apply them either halfway or on the entire window.

Before I always bought my film on the cheap, either online or in our local hardware store.

But for Merel’s bedroom I went on an online search for some qualitative and, very importantly, great designed window film. Nothing but the best for my little girl! That’s how I came across Swedish Design Studio SiluettFrost.

I’m a big fan of the Graphite window film, the detail is just stunning.

But to be honest this design is a bit more mom’s cup of tea… So should I go with the very cute Daydreaming window film which of course is ideal for kids?

Or maybe Lov which features birds since my daughter’s name is Dutch for blackbird?

So which one would you chose? Or do you now some great alternatives to make me doubt even more? I would love to know!

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