DIY baby photography: Up in the clouds

DIY baby photography: Up in the clouds – on carriecanblog.com

Every year I make my own Christmas cards for family and friends. And every year I try my best to do something original, quirky and  – let’s be honest – time consuming.

But this year the hubby and me decided to do something quick and dirty. And what could be more simpler than taking a picture of our newborn baby girl Merel? Well, turns out that if you ask 2 graphic designers to make a Christmas card, nothing is ever simple. You see, we had the great idea to take a picture that not only showed the holiday spirit but that also referred to our sweet girl’s name (Merel means blackbird in Dutch).

DIY baby photography: Up in the clouds – on carriecanblog.com

So something that says both Christmas and birds? A brainstorm later we came up with this idea: “let’s photograph her as a little angel inside a fluffy white cloud!”. Off course we could have photoshopped the cloud but nothing beats the real thing. So after excitedly typing in the terms “DIY” and “cloud” on Pinterest, I came across this great tutorial by The Farm Chicks.

DIY baby photography: Up in the clouds – on carriecanblog.com

A few evenings filled with balloons, paper and glue later, we put our very own cloud on top of Merel’s highchair, dressed our girl up in a family heirloom baptizing gown and reused some props from our wedding photo booth. A minimum of Photoshop retouches later (taking out the legs of the chairs) we had these wonderful shots. Aren’t they lovely?! I’m so glad we didn’t follow up on our resolution to do something simple!

PS: in case you’re wondering, the background is a wall of the baby room. The wallpaper is Squarestripe Pink by Roomblush.

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