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I’ve got a special treat for you! I’ve received an email from Olivia. Being a mom herself she knows how hard and busy the first few months of parenthood are, so she suggested to write a blog post. An offer I gladly accepted! So enjoy this extra guest post!

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Hey everyone! I’m Olivia from DIY Mother! Today I’m going to be sharing a super easy tutorial for anyone who has a dog who is a messy eater like mine: a bone-shaped dog bowl mat.

My family recently adopted an English Bulldog and she’s adorable. Her name is Mango, she’s great with my kids and absolutely, perfectly lazy. Before we got her, I did a lot of research about English Bulldogs and it’s amazing how accurate the information was about the breed. True to the traits, she’s great with kids and loves to cuddle, but she also has skin allergies, loves to gnaw at her paws, and is a messy eater.

Since I’ve been focusing my DIY energy on dog-related projects as of late, the first one I thought of was a food station mat. Not that my kitchen is always spotless, but Mango has definitely added to the mess. Plus, after our initial trip to the pet store, I didn’t want to buy anything else. I think I spent close to $200 for all of her supplies when she moved in.

I headed to the hardware store where I knew I could find some durable material. I didn’t know where I’d find it, but I knew it was there. I ended up getting some vinyl cut for less than $3 a foot. Much cheaper than getting something at the pet store. Here’s how it went:

What I used:
4 ft. of vinyl runner ($2.67/ft. and it’s in the flooring section with the rug runners)

The vinyl ended up working great for this project-one side is glossy, with raised stripes and the other side is rough. It can get dirty easily, but that’s the point.
IMG_5163 (1024x682)

Normally when I’m doing projects like this, I use my trusty projector. In this case, I figured that the design was easy enough-how hard is it to draw a bone, anyway? I got my phone out and looked at a vector image of a bone and drew it onto the rough side with a pencil.

IMG_5172 (1024x683)

Wrong! I had such a hard time getting both sides to match up, but I kept cutting and cutting until I got close enough. I was going to customize it and perhaps add her name, but I decided against it because Mango is such a messy eater that I don’t need it to look good. Commence the obligatory dog photos!

IMG_5177 (1024x684)

IMG_5211 (1024x657)

IMG_5201 (1280x852)

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