Guest post: Decorating with paper in the nursery

I’m taking a few weeks of to enjoy the company of my newborn baby girl. In the mean time some very talented ladies will take over here on the blog. Enjoy!

source: 101 Woonideeën

Hello everyone, I’m Inge from Simply Fabulous Chic and today I’m a guest blogger here. Before I start my guest post, I want to thank Caroline for having me here! I hope she’s enjoying the quality time with her new baby girl and family. Congratulations Caroline!!

Today I’m sharing a few tips on how to decorate a nursery with paper, stickers & books. It really doesn’t have to be expensive to be fun. This idea found at 101Woonideeën is so original. You can use leftovers from wallpaper to create a huge paper city and create interesting wall art in the kids room. Beautiful to look at and for kids with loads of imagination, perfect to play in!

Carrie Can Charlotte Love
source: Charlotte Love

Or create a cool background on the wall with paint and use your all time favourite postcards to give the room more personality. Throw in a few pillows on the bed et voila… you just created a kids room where they won’t come out of for a long time.

Carrie Can Eat Sleep Cuddle
source: Eat Sleep Cuddle

Framing posters, quotes and other pieces of paper to create a cosy atmosphere in the baby’s room is always a winner. Personally I’m a fan of the yellow apple poster (it would fit in perfectly in my youngest son’s bedroom)!

Carrie Can Daffodil Design
source: Daffodil Design

Even books can make a kids’ room interesting and beautiful. For a book worm like myself books couldn’t be left out of my list of fun decorating tips. Just look at this lovely shared girl’s room! And the paper pom poms at the ceiling make it even more romantic.

Carrie Can The Project Nursery
source: The Project Nursery

Or what do you think of creating your own paper garland with the name of your baby? This idea, found at the Project Nursery, is especially great when having a girl. Loads of glitters on the letters, a beautiful piece of string and you’re done!

I hope these tips inspired you to start decorating your own nursery. And please let Caroline and me know if any of you have other great ideas to decorate the nursery with paper, it’s always great to hear from our readers!

Love, Inge x

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