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I’m taking a few weeks of to enjoy the company of my newborn baby girl. In the mean time some very talented ladies will take over here on the blog. Enjoy!

Hello, I’m Katrien from Grafisch Werk(t). When I received a mail from Caroline where she asked me to write a guest blog, I did not think twice. I really love her style and the way she blogs, with lots of enthusiasm. As the main topics of her blog are about interior & paper, it definitely felt right for me to do this. When I would describe myself I’d say I’m a graphic designer with a huge love for interior design!


Lauren Schroer

About 5 years ago we have had the luck to buy a house. Not just any house, but one that needed some serious work. So we had the luck to design the house however we wanted it to be. As we did almost everything ourselves, it was – and still is – a work of many years. Right now we have finished the kitchen and 3 bedrooms, the rest is still in progress …

Sure, you get used to living in an unfinished “house” but suddenly (read: after 5 long years) you get the feeling it isn’t your “home”. So, in order to dress up our house to feel a little more like home, I first started to buy plants & flowers. Cute, but they don’t last forever! A search through the internet (thank you, Pinterest) & some masking tape, gave me many possibilities to give every room it’s very own personal touch. Some are free, but all in all, a poster isn’t that pricy so you can change them from time to time. Here are some of my favorites!




Le Petit Biscuit Shop

Absinthe Robette

Free Vintage Posters

The last one is framed in our kitchen and looks really pretty! What’s your favorite poster?

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