Guest post: DIY wallpaper bag

I’m taking a few weeks of to enjoy the company of my newborn baby girl. In the mean time some very talented ladies will take over here on the blog. Enjoy!

Hi, I’m Eline from Roomblush. Today I’ll show you a simple tutorial that shows that you can be very creative with the rest of your wallpaper. Just as this nice little bag we created with the Roomblush Triangles Pink wallpaper. Follow the steps and create your own unique bag. Ideal for a gift or for yourself.

To create a bag in this size (7.1×9.4 inch), you take the size of an A3 from your leftover wallpaper.


1. Fold the wallpaper double in a horizontal way.
2. Tape the open side with masking tape.
3. Fold the bottom of your bag upwards. The higher you fold up, the wider your bag.
4. Open one side of the folded bottom and flatten so you get the shape of a triangle.
5. Fold the base inwards, as shown on the photo. Tape it with masking tape.

Handles: Create the handles by first cutting a long, wide strip. The length of this strip is the double size of the width of the bag. Next you cut thin strips for the handles and tape them to the strip. Glue the strip with handles to the inside of the bag.

++ HAVE FUN ++

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