Nursery Essentials: Stroller wishlist

nursery essentials strollers wishlist
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When you have a baby there is off course no need to be restricted to the nursery. From time to time you will want to take your baby out for a nice stroll if only to check that indeed there are still other grown-ups inhabiting this planet.

We all now that if you’re out on the town you need a trendy ride to cruise around with. Not only does it need to look good, a stroller also needs to be practical. My sister told me that she never knew how many pavement obstructions there were until she became a mummy. And let’s not forget that the last thing you want to do in an underground parking is struggle with an unyielding stroller.

So let me introduce you to my favorite strollers that not only look good but scored high on my test drive (although I have to confess I never made it out of the showroom).

nursery essentials strollers wishlist

1. Bugaboo Cameleon // 2. Joolz day // 3. Stokke Xplory // 4. Binque daily

So is one of these strollers your babies ride? And more importantly do you recommend it to other mummies? Let me know!

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