Guest Post: Top Ten DIY Mobiles

I’m taking a few weeks of to enjoy the company of my newborn baby girl. In the mean time some very talented ladies will take over here on the blog. Enjoy!

Hi lovelies! My name is Rachel Follett and I blog over at Lovely Clusters. I like to post DIY, Photography and other pretty things that inspire me. I am also a pinterest addict and one of my favorite boards is my “Handmade Lovelies” board. I thought it would be nice to share some of my favorite DIY mobiles since they are having a baby girl. So exciting! I hope you find these inspirational! 🙂


1. leptitpapillon // 2. cladandcloth // 3. LilSproutCreations // 4. TheGlitteredBarn // 5. LoveBugLullabies // 6. byAllySen // 7. craigandwhitney // 8. fineandfeathered // 9. tinkerwiththis // 10. creaturecomfortsblog

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