Nursery Essentials: Crib wishlist

So if you read this post then you now we have a little wonder under way. This is my first pregnancy and apart from the stuffy noses and tiredness I’m loving it. There is no way to describe the bliss I experience when I feel our baby kicking…

nursery essentials - cribs on www.carrriecanblog.com

Apart from receiving a little miracle there is another great bonus to having a baby. Doing up a nursery! There is so many great baby furniture and decoration out there that it’s  hard to choose. And I’m sure I’m not the only mother feeling this way. That’s why I decided to make some nursery wishlists summing up some of the best baby stuff out there.

First up is cribs. I have to admit, this is a tough cookie to crack. Apart from looking smart it’s off course essential that your baby loves his/hers little bed because he/her will be spending most of his/hers time in there. I’m particularly in favor of cribs that can be converted to junior beds, that way if you spend a bit more money on a great designed baby cot, at least you know it’s going to last a while 😉

So here’s my selection. We pretty much made our mind up on which one we’re buying but I would love to hear your opinion!

nursery essentials - cribs wishlist on www.carriecanblog.com

1. Stokke Sleepi Mini // 2. Leander bed // 3. Sebra crib // 4. Oeuf Sparrow crib

PS: you can find more baby inspiration on my pinterest board

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