Free Easter printable: Egg & box DIY


Easter is just around the corner so it’s the ideal time to get crafty.

And is there something that feels more like Easter than painting eggs? But if, like me, you don’t have the patience you had as a kid to hand paint the afternoon away then may I introduce you to my Easter printable? Ideal to spruce up your boring brown eggs.


Materials needed:
free A4 Easter printable
– eggs
– egg carton
– needle
– scissors
– spray paint
– cake pop sticks
– spray adhesive and glue
– large piece of styrofoam

Make one small hole at the top & one slightly bigger hole at the bottom of the eggs with the needle. Blow out the contents. I find it works best if you first puncture the egg yolk with a tooth pick. (Treat yourself to a yummy omelet once you’ve done crafting.)


Place each egg on a cake pop stick (or any other stick you might have lying around) and stick into the piece of styrofoam (you could also use a more environmentally friendly alternative, I just used styrofoam because I had some lying around). Spray paint the eggs making sure they are entirely coated. I used gold spray paint but off course you can use any colour you want. Let dry.


Cut out pieces on the printable. Carefully remove any paper wrapping that might be glued to the egg carton. Attach the gift box wrapper to the carton using spray adhesive. That’s one piece done already!

Roll the half circles up to create cones and glue. For the bunny ears, just glue the ends together.


Decorate your eggs with bunny ears & party heads. Sit back & admire your handy work!

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