De mooiste DIY paaseieren

De mooiste paasdecoratie maak ik dit jaar lekker zelf!

Als kind vond ik niets zo leuk als me de hele paasvakantie te amuseren met eieren uitblazen en beschilderen. Tja, je kunt het wel raden, ik heb als resultaat toen ook wel redelijk wat omeletten moeten naar binnen werken πŸ™‚

En 30 jaar later, ben ik wel klaar voor een nieuwe uitdaging! Want de volwassen versie van de paaseieren zien er prachtig uit, maar lijken me toch een tikkeltje moeilijker dan de waterverf exemplaren van mijn jeugd.

Hieronder een kleine visuele samenvatting van mijn paaseieren DIY to-do-list. Nog meer leuke paasprojecten vind je op mijn Pinterest bord.

Marble Easter Eggs

DIY foliage easter eggs

DIY marbled indigo easter eggs


PS: Zelf maakte ik vorig jaar ook een leuke doe-het-zelf paaseieren tutorial, bekijk mijn simpel DIY project zeker ook eens!


Time for something new

Fresh year fresh start. This year I decided to try to simplify my (work) life. That’s why I decided to focus on the basics. What does this mean for the blog? Well from now on I’ll start blogging in my mother language Dutch. I’m very sorry for all you English reading fans out there, off course you can always use Google translate to still follow the blog.


Baby Bunny Ears: Quick & dirty Easter DIY

Easter DIY – Baby bunny ears – free printable

I’m sure I don’t have to tell you that it’s Easter this Sunday, you’re probably much more prepared then me (‘Easter, this weekend? are you sure?’). My babygirl spending her very first Easter without a bit of handmade love? No way! So I recycled last years Easter egg tutorial and made the bunny ears baby sized! Let me share this quick and easy DIY tutorial with you:

1. Download the free printable here. Print on 180g (or heavier) photo paper.

2. Cut out the ears with scissors or a cutter knife & ruler (I used both, the cutter for the straight parts and the scissors for the ears)

Easter DIY – Baby bunny ears – free printable

3. Glue the 2 pieces together, make sure to test the size on your baby’s head first!

Easter DIY – Baby bunny ears – free printable

4. Put on baby, hope she/he doesn’t destroy it instantly.

I told you that it was a quick and dirty DIY! Ideal for new mommy’s! But if you want some more, check out my Easter Egg tutorial


Wonderful designed window film – Siluett Frost

Let me start off to say that I’m a great fan of window film, I think almost all our windows received this treatment. They let through the light better than curtains and you can apply them either halfway or on the entire window.

Before I always bought my film on the cheap, either online or in our local hardware store.

But for Merel’s bedroom I went on an online search for some qualitative and, very importantly, great designed window film. Nothing but the best for my little girl! That’s how I came across Swedish Design Studio SiluettFrost.

I’m a big fan of the Graphite window film, the detail is just stunning.

But to be honest this design is a bit more mom’s cup of tea… So should I go with the very cute Daydreaming window film which of course is ideal for kids?

Or maybe Lov which features birds since my daughter’s name is Dutch for blackbird?

So which one would you chose? Or do you now some great alternatives to make me doubt even more? I would love to know!


DIY baby photography: Up in the clouds

DIY baby photography: Up in the clouds – on carriecanblog.com

Every year I make my own Christmas cards for family and friends. And every year I try my best to do something original, quirky andΒ  – let’s be honest – time consuming.

But this year the hubby and me decided to do something quick and dirty. And what could be more simpler than taking a picture of our newborn baby girl Merel? Well, turns out that if you ask 2 graphic designers to make a Christmas card, nothing is ever simple. You see, we had the great idea to take a picture that not only showed the holiday spirit but that also referred to our sweet girl’s name (Merel means blackbird in Dutch).

DIY baby photography: Up in the clouds – on carriecanblog.com

So something that says both Christmas and birds? A brainstorm later we came up with this idea: “let’s photograph her as a little angel inside a fluffy white cloud!”. Off course we could have photoshopped the cloud but nothing beats the real thing. So after excitedly typing in the terms “DIY” and “cloud” on Pinterest, I came across this great tutorial by The Farm Chicks.

DIY baby photography: Up in the clouds – on carriecanblog.com

A few evenings filled with balloons, paper and glue later, we put our very own cloud on top of Merel’s highchair, dressed our girl up in a family heirloom baptizing gown and reused some props from our wedding photo booth. A minimum of Photoshop retouches later (taking out the legs of the chairs) we had these wonderful shots. Aren’t they lovely?! I’m so glad we didn’t follow up on our resolution to do something simple!

PS: in case you’re wondering, the background is a wall of the baby room. The wallpaper is Squarestripe Pink by Roomblush.


Free DIY tutorial: Advent calendar

free DIY tutorial advent christmas calendar

Oh my, I can’t believe it’s December again! Christmas 2014 will be a special one since it’s the first one for my baby girl Merel. I thought this deserved a proper countdown so this year I finally made my own Advent calender. I based the design on my new Gifts Christmas Cards which are available in my shop.

I thought I’d make this calender my very first Christmas gift to you, lovely blog readers, so I turned this project into a printable and DIY tutorial! Hurray!


What you’ll need:

β€’ glossy A4 photo paper
β€’ scissors
β€’ eyelet puncher and gold eyelets
β€’ 24 small glassine bags
β€’ decorative rope
β€’ kids wire coat hanger
β€’ candy and small chocolates

First up download the free printable tags over here. Print them on the glossy photo paper and cut them out with your scissor.


Fill the glassine bags with the candy and chocolates. Fold the bag over, place the round tag on top and punch a hole through both with the eyelet puncher. Put the gold eyelet through the hole and fasten with the puncher.


Cut off 24 strands of rope of different sizes. Thread trough the eyelets.


Hang the packages on the coat hanger. spread them out evenly.


Tadaa, that’s it! Easy isn’t it?




Happy Birthday!


Carrie Can Paper Goods is turning 2 this month! To celebrate each day until the 2nd of November, 1 of our wonderful paper products will be sold at 1/2 price! But be quick because each offer ends at 22:00 CET! Curious which of our items will get this superb discount? Keep an eye on the facebook page, we’re starting tomorrow!