Nursery Essentials: Crib wishlist

So if you read this post then you now we have a little wonder under way. This is my first pregnancy and apart from the stuffy noses and tiredness I’m loving it. There is no way to describe the bliss I experience when I feel our baby kicking…

nursery essentials - cribs on www.carrriecanblog.com

Apart from receiving a little miracle there is another great bonus to having a baby. Doing up a nursery! There is so many great baby furniture and decoration out there that it’s  hard to choose. And I’m sure I’m not the only mother feeling this way. That’s why I decided to make some nursery wishlists summing up some of the best baby stuff out there.

First up is cribs. I have to admit, this is a tough cookie to crack. Apart from looking smart it’s off course essential that your baby loves his/hers little bed because he/her will be spending most of his/hers time in there. I’m particularly in favor of cribs that can be converted to junior beds, that way if you spend a bit more money on a great designed baby cot, at least you know it’s going to last a while ;-)

So here’s my selection. We pretty much made our mind up on which one we’re buying but I would love to hear your opinion!

nursery essentials - cribs wishlist on www.carriecanblog.com

1. Stokke Sleepi Mini // 2. Leander bed // 3. Sebra crib // 4. Oeuf Sparrow crib

PS: you can find more baby inspiration on my pinterest board


Free Easter printable: Egg & box DIY


Easter is just around the corner so it’s the ideal time to get crafty.

And is there something that feels more like Easter than painting eggs? But if, like me, you don’t have the patience you had as a kid to hand paint the afternoon away then may I introduce you to my Easter printable? Ideal to spruce up your boring brown eggs.


Materials needed:
free A4 Easter printable
– eggs
– egg carton
– needle
– scissors
– spray paint
– cake pop sticks
– spray adhesive and glue
– large piece of styrofoam

Make one small hole at the top & one slightly bigger hole at the bottom of the eggs with the needle. Blow out the contents. I find it works best if you first puncture the egg yolk with a tooth pick. (Treat yourself to a yummy omelet once you’ve done crafting.)


Place each egg on a cake pop stick (or any other stick you might have lying around) and stick into the piece of styrofoam (you could also use a more environmentally friendly alternative, I just used styrofoam because I had some lying around). Spray paint the eggs making sure they are entirely coated. I used gold spray paint but off course you can use any colour you want. Let dry.


Cut out pieces on the printable. Carefully remove any paper wrapping that might be glued to the egg carton. Attach the gift box wrapper to the carton using spray adhesive. That’s one piece done already!

Roll the half circles up to create cones and glue. For the bunny ears, just glue the ends together.


Decorate your eggs with bunny ears & party heads. Sit back & admire your handy work!


Paper trail: DIY paper garlands

There is something truly magical about paper. I mean just the fact you can transform something flat and even a tad boring into for instance a book you can’t wait to pick up and read or into a wonderful three dimensional piece of decoration.

As a graphic designer with a love for paper I’m always keeping an eye out for interesting paper tutorials and products. That’s why I decided to share in Paper Trail some of my favorite projects involving paper that I find on my daily browses on the net.

Paper trail – DIY paper garland tutorial – carriecanblog

And today I thought I’d start off with some wonderful paper garland DIY’s. Ideal for a birthday party, as decoration for your upcoming wedding or to just simple hang in your living room to celebrate the arrival of spring.

Festive garland by Design Love Fest
Get out your sewing machine and check out this colorful festive garland. This simple tutorial comes with easy to follow step by step instructions. Ideal if you have some colored paper lying around.

Paper trail – DIY paper garlands – carriecanblog

Tissue Wisteria garland by Land of Nod
This tutorial will take some more time but after seeing this lovely delicate flower garland, I don’t think you mind. I always loved the delicacy of tissue paper and transforming it into flowers always works so well.

Paper trail – DIY paper garland tutorial – carriecanblog

Paper net garland by Oh Happy Day
I’m sure that as a kid you enjoyed many an afternoon cutting out garlands from paper. Well it’s time to bring out your scissors again and try your hand at this more grown up DIY net garland.

Paper trail – DIY paper garland tutorial – carriecanblog

Well, I hope you enjoy my selection of paper garland tutorials. Now it’s time to DIY and do please share the efforts of your work with me!

PS: Do you know of any other great paper products or tutorials? Then please do support my paper addiction and let me know!


When in London – City guide: Day 1

Now that our tiny baby is on it’s way, my husband and I decided this would be the ideal moment to enjoy a little city trip and spend some little quality time together since it might be the last chance for a long time.

London sightseeing - city guide – Carrie Can Blog

Although we both visited London on several occasions, this is the first time we actually went together so it truly felt special.

Since it was a bit of an impulsive decision, we booked our hotel very last minute. I normally spend quite some time comparing hotels with the help of Tripadvisor but this time I just looked at some nice photos on Pinterest and just booked a hotel that looked good, wasn’t overly expensive and located near the city center. That’s how we ended op in CitizenM and we didn’t regret it! The rooms aren’t gigantic but crisp, clean, well designed and they come with a spacious bed (what a luxury!) The lobby is filled with design furniture (the real thing, not cheap knock offs – the husband checked) and it was only a 5 minute walk away from our favorite museum the Tate Modern.

CitizenM - London sightseeing - Carrie Can Blog

On our first day, we took it quite easy. We started of with a little shopping, my husband headed off to Denmark Street to look at guitars (he can’t seem to get enough of it) while I headed for Topshop (I can’t seem to get enough of it). Unfortunately the maternity section was a bit disappointing so we met up again and headed to Anthropologie to drool over their fabulous collection.

Anthropologie - London sightseeing - Carrie Can Blog

Afterwards I was feeling a bit tired so we walked through Soho and ended up sipping a delicious coffee at Tap Coffee No. 193 in Wardour Street.

Tap Coffee - London sightseeing - Carrie Can Blog

After this we were starting to feel a little bit hungry (the fact that I just munched down a piece of chocolate cake didn’t make a difference now that I’m pregnant) so after taking a peek in our city guide we decided to head over to Shoreditch to try our luck in one of the suggested restaurants. After a little walk around we ended up in Pizza East, we had a bit of a wait in the bar before we were seated but the yummy pizza’s that followed made up for it.

Pizza East - London sightseeing - Carrie Can Blog

Even though being in hip and happening Shoreditch, we decided to call it a day (bar hopping isn’t the same when your nearly 6 months pregnant) and we went back to the hotel for a little in room movie and a good night sleep.

Keep an eye on the blog to find out about our next two days!

Image credits: 1, 3 & 4: my own // 2: Homedsgn // 5: Josephine Road


A not so little secret

I have a confession to make. I’ve been keeping a secret from you my dear readers. And it’s a big life changing one. So let me come clean and let tell you the happy news: this June me and the hubby will become first time parents. Our darling firstborn is on it’s way! So expect a lot more nursery posts in the near future!

Having my baby – Nursery - Carrie Can Blog


Having my baby – Nursery - Carrie Can Blog

Having my baby – Nursery - Carrie Can Blog
Desire to inspire

(If you’re following me on Pinterest, this might not be such a big surprise since you probably would have noticed my ‘I want to have a baby’ board)


About carnival, confetti and instant celebrations

It’s the last weekend before Lent, the run up to Easter, so this means we are due some Carnival celebrations. I don’t know if Carnival (or Carnaval as we call it) is still celebrated in a lot of countries beside Belgium but here it’s still very much a well kept tradition.

About carnival, confetti and instant celebrations - Read more on carriecanblog.com

And although my days of wearing princess costumes are long gone (my wedding not included), I still come together with my family to watch the parade. A very loud affair to be honest and probably a bit weird to watch if you haven’t grownup with it. But the one thing that always reminds me of Carnival is off course confetti, I love how tonnes of it swirl through the sky and give the streets an instant party atmosphere. And how afterwards for weeks to come you still find confetti everywhere. Something that annoys my grandmother endlessly but which always fills me with secret pleasure.

About carnival, confetti and instant celebrations - Read more on carriecanblog.com
I spy with my salad eyes

So what about you my dear reader? Do you celebrate carnival? Or are you just a confetti enthusiast like myself?

About carnival, confetti and instant celebrations - Read more on carriecanblog.com
Ylva Gronfold

PS: And if you are a confetti enthusiast, you might want to check out my confetti cards ;)


Office lunch: Ham & Cheese Oven Toast recipe

Working from home means that I can make my lunches a bit more special. Instead of a quick sandwich, I can let the inner foodie out and prepare a meal that is more to my gourmet standards. This however doesn’t mean that I lose a lot of time in the kitchen as this Ham and cheese toast recipe proves.

Ham Cheese Oven Toast – Recipe on Carrie Can Blog

This is a variation on the classic French Croque Monsieur recipe (or Tosti as the Dutch say). I didn’t really find the right English translation so I decided to keep it simple and just  call it toast. A simple name for a simple recipe!

Not so long ago I always baked my Croque Monsieurs in a pan, which tastes nice but needed a watchful eye and a lot of flipping to prevent burning. But ever since I read Stephane Reynaud’s recipe in 365 Good Reasons To Sit Down To Eat I make them in the oven, so much easier.

Ham Cheese Oven Toast – Recipe on Carrie Can Blog


Ham & Cheese Oven Toast recipe
 Makes 2 toasts, serves 1 with a big appetite


– 4 slices of wholegrain toast bread
– 100g grated Emmental cheese
– 75ml light cream (18–30% fat)
– 2 slices of prosciutto ham
– small bunch of basil
– black pepper

Preheat the oven at 180°C. Cut the crusts from the bread. Mix the Emmental cheese with the cream.

Ham Cheese Oven Toast – Recipe on Carrie Can Blog

Spread the mix over the slices of bread, add some black pepper to taste.

Ham Cheese Oven Toast – Recipe on Carrie Can Blog

Tear, instead of cutting, the basil in to little pieces (this will improve the flavour).

Spread them out over the cheese mix on 2 slices, put a slice of prosciutto on top. Put the slices with only the cheese on top. Bake for 5 minutes in the oven. Serve with a nice green salad.

Ham Cheese Oven Toast – Recipe on Carrie Can Blog

I know, not the most healthy lunch but once in a while everyone deserves some soul food. Ah, and if you leave out the ham you off course have a quick vegetarian dish. Do let me know if you try out this super easy recipe, I would love to see if you find it as delicious as me!

Bon appetit!

P: if you like this recipe, you might check out some other office lunches.


Print love: inspiring posters for your home

After writing a few posts about art in your home, I was thinking that it might be much more inspiring to blog instead about poster designs. Because let’s be honest for most of us (including myself) real art is a bit out of budget and illustrations or prints can be just as good an inspiration as a painting.

Print Love: inspiring posters for your home
Nordic Design

In this post I’ll show you some examples on how you can create your own little poster gallery wall by making a composition with frames. The nice thing is that you don’t have to hang all your prints at once but that you can switch them around once in a while. You can even work with themes and hang for instance a few photos or illustrations of flowers now that spring is around the corner. This way your wall decor can be easily updated!

Print Love: inspiring posters for your home
A merry mishap

Print Love: inspiring posters for your home

P.S. Still looking for some nice posters? I would love it if you take a look at my designs.


Last minute DIY Valentine gifts

So unless you’re literally snowed in without any contact to the outside world, you must know that it’s Valentine’s day this Friday. Maybe you’re a super organized person who already had her presents packed in November. But maybe you’re breaking out in cold sweat because you just can’t find that ultimate gift to show just how much you love your significant other. If the last is the case then don’t panic because what says I love you more than a handmade gift? Here is some last minute DIY Valentine gift inspiration.

last minute easy DIY Valentine gifts
Gemstone magnets by At home in love

last minute easy DIY Valentine gifts
Lemon raspberry pie crust hearts from Joy the Baker

last minute easy DIY Valentine gifts
Heart pillows by Design Love Fest

If you like these Valentine ideas then I have only one more thing to say to you: ready, steady, craft!